CINEPOP has developed a magnificent forum for 100% moving audiovisual projection, capable of taking the MOVIES FREE OF CHARGE to any place in Mexico.

The combination of giant screens with state-of-the-art technology, first-level commercial family films, new and accessible food and products, along with a trained human team, attentive to the full satisfaction of spectators, make CINEPOP a fantastic attraction in town with scarce entertainment opportunities.
The per show capacity can be of up to 10,000 persons, therefore, associated brands have the ideal space to interact with a large volume of target audience, sell products, affiliate people to their credit, communicate promotions, etc. Also, the investment is very attractive and profitable since brands generate a promotion from which consumers perceive a great value, gaining their loyalty and increasing sales, committing and supporting the society and, in this case, underprivileged groups.
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On the other hand, government provide municipal services that guarantee the fully harmonic events; and they find a contact site and communication channel, facilitating a healthy and amusing entertainment for the population, providing them an invaluable benefit: free entertainment.